Resalty implements the event of receiving the blessed month of Ramadan for orphans

With the advent of the holy month and the blowing of its fragrant breezes with faith, my message is carrying out the event of receiving the blessed month of Ramadan for orphans.

My Resalaty Foundation for Women’s Development, with the support of philanthropists, implemented an event on how to receive the blessed month of Ramadan, which comes within the child protection program.

Where the event was held for orphans and hosted 60 boys and girls in order to instill the spirituality of the holy month of Ramadan in their hearts.

In this event, an awareness session was held on how to use time in the month of Ramadan and a Ramadan cultural competition. A healthy paragraph was made explaining to the attendees the importance of balancing food in Ramadan, and a simplified workshop was held to train them to make Ramadan lanterns in order to instill happiness and joy in their hearts for the coming of the blessed month.

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Resalty Foundation for Women Development (RFWD), license No. 323 from the Ministry of Social Affairs. Founded in 10-3-2010, Resalty Team has been seeking to raise the status of Yemeni women economically, socially and rightfully through implementing several programs and projects that serve and support women.


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